Vape Cartridge

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D8 Cartridge 1g, CBD/CBN Cartridge .5g, CBD Cartridge 1g, THC-V + Delta 8 – Fire OG (Hybrid), THC-V + Delta 8 Girl Scout (Hybrid), THC-V + Delta 8 Orange (Hybrid), THC-V + Delta 8 Gold (Sativa), THC-V + Delta 8 Blue Dream (Sativa), THC-V + Delta 8 Lemon (Sativa), THC-V + Delta 8 Northern Lights (Indica), THC-V + Delta 8 God's Gift (Indica), THC-V + Delta 8 Watermelon (Indica), Delta 10 Berry Gelato (Hybrid), Delta 10 Fire OG (Hybrid), Delta 10 King Louis (Hybrid), Delta 10 Lemon (Sativa), Delta 10 Sour Diesel (Sativa), Delta 10 Blue Dream (Sativa), Delta 10 God's Gift (Indica), Delta 10 Watermelon (Indica), Delta 10 Northern Lights (Indica)


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