Sanitizer: Handcrafting and Donating to Heroes on Frontlines of COVID-19

FusionCBD has stepped up to provide sanitizer for local emergency, government, and healthcare professionals and consumers in the midst of this crisis, support the heroes on the front line of this pandemic by purchasing our simple moisturizing product with or without CBD infused by the 15ml bottle, case or gallon refill.

Why Hand Sanitizer?

You should probably know that the world is held in a stranglehold by the dreaded coronavirus unless you are living under a rock. This deadly epidemic has not only changed everyone’s lives drastically; it has made certain items become a new kind of a staple. Topmost on this list are hand sanitizers. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become a necessity, especially if you must go out daily. Most of these sanitizers harm the hands as they kill bacteria but damage the cells of the hand because of constant usage. This is why you need our topical hand sanitizer with its powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Proper Hand Sanitizer Use

In case you are wondering how to use it? Well, wonder no more. At FUSIONCBD, we introduced our sanitizers because of the shortage of sanitizers globally and because of the value we know they deliver. We are proud to say that they are different from other sanitizers because of the essential oils in them. All you need do is apply and rub lavishly inside and outside your hands, including the spaces between your fingers and towards your wrist. Are you confused about when to use our special sanitizer? Well, we have some tips for you. You can use it after touching surfaces like car handles, tabletops, money. You can use it if you have had contact with an infected person or handled a contaminated material.

Donating To The Frontlines

Due to growing shortages brought on by the pandemic, FusionCBD is responding to a strong sense of duty and stepping up to fill a needed gap in the health and wellness demand in the community by converting portions of their Warwick, NY manufacturing line to produce a unique/simple hand sanitizer blend using CDC guidelines, essential oils and citrus, firstly for essential local government workers, police, fire, nurses, EMS/first responders, sanitation workers. Disbursement is managed by the town supervisor.

Fusion Sanitizer is Different

With all the protective gear the first responders must wear, (gloves and masks) there is a lot of damage and discomfort to the skin.

Our sanitizer is moisturizing, has additional antiseptic qualities with essential oils. When combined with our skin cream will help with chafing and dryness caused by wearing PPE.

Hand Sanitizer
CBD Hemp Salve
Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer Supply & Demand

Access to supplies needed to produce hand sanitizer is limited. The flow is controlled by federal, state, and local government agencies, understandably, to support their needs first. As a result, this makes producing and maintaining adequate inventories difficult, potentially driving up prices.

Costs of hand sanitizer ingredients have tripled. It’s challenging to come by the packaging and ingredients need to create a finished product. We are a small family run business handcrafting a boutique-quality product. 5, 6 people hand-bottling is a sharp contrast to giants like Anheuser-Busch bottling thousands of cases per hour.

Despite production pains, we’d rather not sacrifice quality for profits and prefer to deliver an uncompromised product. When following recommendations for proper hand sanitation and skincare our small hand sanitizer should last 6/8 weeks. Larger companies have opted to drive profit margins at a time when consumers need quality now more than ever.

Sanitizer Production Process

Mixing Hand Sanitizer

Our unique formula both follows the CDC/WHO guidelines for making hand sanitizer that actually kills Coronavirus and allows us to make large generalized claims like, “Kills 99.9% of all germs.”, “CDC approved formula.”, “Manufactured to WHO specifications.”, etc. Ingredients combined using volume to volume percentages and ratios to ensure that when sent off for testing by independent third-party labs the results come back confirming the claimed concentrations of alcohol, essential oils, and other much-needed ingredients for maintaining virus-free, clean, healthy, cared-for moisturized skin.

Bottling Sanitizer

Bottle sizing options available from packaging manufacturers are changing daily. We use a bottling machine line for 15ml sanitizers. We’re individually hand-bottle all other sizes. The Warwick, NY facilities are responsible for producing all of our hand-sanitizer.

Honest Sanitizer Labeling

Our labeling is clear, concise and no-nonsense listing exactly what’s inside, with accurate concentrations making it easier for you the consumer to know exactly what you’re getting with no snake oil salesman tactics or outlandish claims. The FDA is slowly starting to pay attention to other producers making claims that have nothing to back them up or passing inferior products that don’t follow guidelines for ingredient concentrations.

Scaling Our Hand Sanitizer Production and Distribution

Provided materials and ingredients are obtainable and costs remain reasonable, FusionCBD is willing to scale our production, sustainably, to meet demand, locally, nationally, and globally.

What makes FusionSanitizer better than competitors?

First and foremost, WE CARE…

Our goal is to produce an effective product utilizing the recommendations of WHO and CDC. This brings on its own challenges as the language they use often varies, with no consistent conclusion. Independent third-parties are testing the entire line of sanitizer products. MSDS, Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets are available upon request, which should be required of all manufacturers.

The Real Difference

We’re learning as much as we can in order to continue educating consumers and the like every day. We remain flexible in our offerings. Whether it’s 70/30 disinfection/industrial cleaning, gallons of refills for sanitizers. We’re continuing to watch market prices that affect our overall growth. We’ll remain flexible with our margins so we CAN provide a quality product.

We recommend further reading: Do a little of your own research to see how the FDA< CDC and WHO view safe formulations, labeling requirements, and testing requirements.

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